The BeoLab 50 from Bang & Olufsen is based on the prestigious BeoLab 90 and shares several of the features found in that model.

Design chic is always a priority for B&O and  this is no exception with its blend of polished aluminium and warm oak detailing.

The BeoLab 50 benefits from Active Room Compensation technology and uses an external microphone to measure its physical acoustic surroundings and applies the ideal compensation filters to produce optimum sound throughout the room.

The speaker also features an acoustic lens, which is said to improve the dispersion of the upper frequencies. This can be adjusted to provide a 180 degree wide beam of dispersion or set to a narrower window in order to create a ‘sweet spot’.

The BeoLab 50 is an active design with built-in amplifiers supplying a total of 2,100W.

Recommended price per pair is £22,930.

Bang & Olufsen: 0118 969 2288