The writing is on the kitchen wall for Miele – well, on the fridge door, anyway. Because there is a special-edition blackboard finish option for the K20.000 refrigeration range, which is otherwise available in a modern, glass livery.

All models are handleless, have touch controls with colour displays and energy ratings of either A++ or A+++.

The KFN29042D fridge-freezer at £849 has a 442-litre capacity and its dynamic cooling system maintains a consistent temperature.

Its limited-edition brother, the KFN29233 BB blackboard fridge-freezer, is a special and makes for fun in the kitchen with the ability to draw directly on to the front of the appliance. It has a 260-litre fridge and 101-litre freezer. It sells for around £1,449

Meanwhile, at £2,299, the Miele KFN29683B fridge-freezer sports a glass finish and has a new Click2Open and soft-close door mechanism.

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