Put some style in the kitchen with Beko’s new built-in range, which includes ovens, hobs and microwaves and hoods.

The ovens offer capacities up to 82 litres and one model includes a pyrolytic self-cleaning lining that absorbs cooking grease and reduces food odours. The oven is then heated to 480°C to reduce all the dirt and grease to a fine dust.

The ovens also boast state-of-the-art fan assistance to distribute hot air around the oven and reduce cooking times.

The built-in induction hobs recognise the size of the user’s pots and pans and so help to save on energy consumption. They also automatically switch off the power to stop liquids boiling over.

Prices for the induction hobs start from £259 and the pyrolytic oven from £419.

Beko: 01923 818121