Henley Audio goes big at Bristol Show 2020

Henley Audio is making a number of big product announcements at this weekend’s Bristol Hi-Fi Show.

Firstly, the Hi-Fi equipment distributor has announced the arrival of the new Musical Fidelity M8xi integrated amplifier. Teased at various international shows during 2019, the latest Super Integrated amplifier in Musical Fidelity’s long and illustrious history of high-powered designs (which started with the A1000 back in 1990) combines power with true audiophile sonics and convenience.

The M8xi is a separate DAC, pre-amplifier and two monobloc power amplifiers housed within one large chassis.

The entire signal path employs a low-feedback configuration, as with previous Musical Fidelity designs. However, with the M8xi changes have been made to achieve higher power, lower distortion and better overall sound quality. The result is a wide sound stage that allows both micro and macro dynamics to have an impact.

The pre-amplifier of the M8xi is designed just as a dedicated pre-amplifier would be, largely operating in Class A and running off its own independent power supply. Featuring both XLR and RCA inputs, it employs low-noise op-amps in all sections for maximum signal integrity.

The M8xi also features XLR and RCA balanced outputs, for wider system applications. There are variable outputs for connecting to additional external amplifiers, as well as an RCA fixed stereo output for analogue recording or alternative applications, such as connecting an external headphone amplifier. The M8xi also boasts a five input DAC, powered from its own dedicated power supply.

In addition to this, Henley Audio is offering a limited time price promotion for customers in the UK and Ireland, where you can purchase the Musical Fidelity M2si for £599 SRP, saving £200 off the normal retail price.

Since the introduction of the integrated amplifier in October 2018, the model has made a big impact in the affordable audiophile market. At £799.00 (SRP), it’s garnered a reputation as a “very easy integrated to listen to for long periods.”

The promotion is available from any authorised Musical Fidelity retailer, and will run from 21 February until 31 May 2020.

The M2si integrated amplifier takes the company’s peerless premium sound experience and applies it to a more affordable price point. Boasting trickle-down technology from the legendary Titan flagship model, the sound is well complemented by other high-end touches, such as the solid metal controls.

The M2si slots in as the perfect amplifier for any system in part thanks to its six Line inputs. By leaving DAC, CD, streaming and phono tasks to external devices the amplifier is able to function as a pure analogue hub and delivers a sophisticated, highly engaging sound. For Home Cinema installations, the AUX1 input can also be manually switched to a Home Theatre (HT) through-put.

This isn’t the only promotion Henley Audio is offering…

Effective from 24 February and finishing at the end of May, all Xtension line and Signature line turntables from Pro-Ject Audio Systems, an Austrian company specialising in the production of premium record players and hi-fi electronics, can be purchased as part of a trade-in deal, for up-to £1000 off the regular SRP.

Over the last 20 years the success of the Pro-Ject Debut, amongst other analogue products, has inspired owners across the world to first get back into vinyl, and then to continue their analogue adventure with one of the company’s mid-priced models. This High-End Trade-In promotion is designed for those passionate vinyl lovers to take the next step into the true high-end arena.

The offer is open to all owners of a “hi-fi turntable” during the promotional window, and entitles the customer to various discounts.

In 2011, the Xtension 12 was introduced as Pro-Ject Audio System’s first “money-no-object” turntable, having been designed to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. Since that time, the product has been expanded into three models, suited to different budgets and environments.

While the Signature line is a true flagship, in every sense. Consisting of two models, the Signature 10 and Signature 12, they exhibit the ultimate in style, sophistication and technical excellence.