Gaggenau launches new combi-steam ovens

Luxury appliance brand Gaggenau and introduced seven next generation combi-steam ovens in its 400 and 200 series, promising “the private chef an enhanced cooking experience”.

Features include increased capacity, which is now at 50 litres, filling the full width of the appliance, as well as a ‘multicore’ temperature probe which offers accurate temperature reading, with a variance of one degree within a certain range.

The probe features three temperature sensors and continually revises the
estimated cooking time based on the sensors readings, ensuring that high quality
results are achieved during each use.

Both 400 and 200 series combi-steam models offer a choice of fixed water
connection or refillable water tank. The advantage of the plumbed water line is
fresh water is constantly available – a vital feature when cooking for long periods
of time using the ovens’ sous-vide functionality – and once installed it does not
require any refilling or emptying.

Gaggenau’s innovative automatic cleaning system is now available on all 400 series models and on fixed water connection models in the 200 series. By simply using a cleaning cartridge, the ovens’ water supply effortlessly descales and removes any heavy soiling from the cavity interior in under four hours.

The combi-steam ovens 200 series joins the 400 series to include a full surface grill
hidden behind ceramic glass. This ensures the cavity of the oven remains sleek and
minimalist. Alongside this, the addition of glare-free, emotive lighting through
invisible LEDs directs light towards the back, better illuminating the oven contents.

In addition, all Gaggenau’s new combi-steam ovens are equipped with Home Connect so the cook can monitor and control the appliance via the Home Connect app from mobile
or tablet.

Managing Director of Global Brand Gaggenau, Dr Peter Goetz, said: “Two decades of refinement and innovation has brought us to our new combi-steam ovens 400 and 200 series. Our technological leadership has enabled us to create an appliance which offers perfect cooking results without restrictions while adding to the aesthetic of the kitchen. We believe that having the ability to cook like a professional is a statement of luxury that those who find enjoyment in culinary require. As the leaders of innovation, we look forward to continuing as the pioneers in both steam cooking technology and healthy food preparation.”