Four European iF Design Awards for Philips TV & Sound

Philips has picked four awards at the 2020 iF Design Awards. The winners for this year include the brand’s new OLED855 hi-end TV (above) and the ‘audiophile’ grade Fidelio X3 headphones with premium quality materials including metal, bespoke fabrics and leather.

The other winners included the Philips 279C9 4K Monitor and the TAW8805 smart monitor. All four products were created by the dedicated European Design team, based in Amsterdam.

The iF Awards have been recognising the very best in product design for over 67 years are given in recognition of outstanding design achievement. As one of the premier global design awards the competition attracts over 6,000 submissions, from companies large and small, from nearly 70 countries each year. The awards criterion includes consideration for: innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility.

Commenting on these new awards, Rod White, Chief Design Officer for TP Vision, said: “The best of European Design is a key unique differentiator for our products. We feel the way customers interact with our products and the pride-of-ownership created are equally as important as their class leading performance. Having a dedicated design team based in Europe is a key factor in creating that overall experience.”

The latest OLED855 TV communicates high-end picture quality through a unique, bold and minimal stand architecture. It uses premium materials and finishing while also designed to fit into modern homes.

The 2020 Philips Fidelio X3 (left) is designed to offer the ultimate, no-compromise, stereo experience on headphones, while the use of a lightweight steel frame, bespoke Kradvat acoustic fabric and responsibly-sourced Muirhead leather underpin the Philips European Design language.

The X3 introduces a new standout yet minimal archetype that reinterprets and progresses the design legacy of the Fidelio high performance headphones.