Flexson announces new Wall Mount for Sonos Port

Flexson has announced the latest addition to its range of high-quality installation solutions for Sonos products – the new Wall Mount for Sonos Port.

Precision engineered for a neat and easy installation, the Flexson Wall Mount simply screws to the wall, with the Sonos Port slotting in seamlessly. By wall mounting, the Sonos Port is held securely, freeing up space. With the option for pairing with a padlock (not provided), the Flexson Wall Mount will keep the Sonos component completely safe from unwanted removal – perfect for public spaces, such as music venues.

The Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos Port is designed and precision-engineered specifically for the Sonos Port. Manufactured in the UK, it is constructed using high-grade steel and is available in black, to perfectly match the Port itself.