CDA and Amica launch new customer promotions

CDA has launched a number of new promotions offering customers a plethora of free gifts – from saucepans to wine and laundry detergent – with selected purchases of its appliances.

From April to June this year, buyers of certain CDA wine coolers (FWC300BL, FWC304SS, FWC604BL and FWS604S models) can claim six bottles of Virgin wines.

Buyers of Amica AWC150BL, AWC150SS,AWC300SS, AWC600BL and AWC600SS coolers can claim Mr Wheeler’s three bottle collection.

And in addition, some washing machine models in the CDA range also qualify. So if customers purchase a C1361, C127, C1381, C1981 washing machine model there is a free subscription to six months’ worth of SMOL laundry capsules.

Elsewhere, good news for first time buyers of induction hobs is that selected models from CDA will come with a free three-pan set during this time.

All promotions are available via participating retailers and customers claim their gift direct from CDA.