Caple introduces new furniture-framed integrated wine cabinet

Caple’s new furniture-clad WC1800 wine cabinet offers luxury living in the kitchen, following on from the successful launch of the manufacturer’s undercounter model (the only one in the UK), the Wi6160, with a very similar design aesthetic.

The new A+ rated WC1800 integrated wine cabinet in Caple’s luxury Sense Premium collection has been cleverly designed so your kitchen designer can simply make a frame to match your cabinetry perfectly. Once the frame has been made, it can simply slot it into place around the edges of your wine cabinet. Or you can have a full furniture door fitted without the glass window. This wine cabinet fits 70 Bordeaux-style bottles and can accommodate Champagne and Burgundy.

Product Manager Luke Shipway explains: “We’ve already taken appliance and furniture design to another level with our undercounter Wi6160 model. Now, we have taken this concept to a new dimension as this model can be placed in a tall bank of units for the ultimate wow factor in a luxury kitchen display. What makes this style truly special is that it enables you to make your wine cabinet feel like it’s part of the furniture.”

This fully integrated, touch control wine cabinet has three independently controlled temperature zones. The interior complements the exterior aesthetic with a stylish back featuring mini wine bottles and luxurious black wire beech-fronted shelves have been specifically designed to be telescopic for easy access. Three charcoal filters also help to purify the air, removing any undesirable odours, which could penetrate the cork and therefore spoil the wine.

You’ll find four programme functions, which include an eco-setting, which will switch off internal lights for you when the cabinet is not in use. And you can choose from four light functions, including brightness and a door opening light. This model operates at only 43dB, which is good for open-plan living.