BSH enjoys successful kbb Show with several product launches

Venting hobs are an increasingly popular category of products with consumers and BSH unveiled various new models across the NEFF, Bosch and Siemens brands at the kbb Birmingham 2020 Show this week.

Firstly, new for 2020 in venting hobs from NEFF are the 80cm-wide N 90 T58TL6EN2 (above) and 70cm-wide N 70 T47TD7BN2 models. Both of the new venting hobs boast a re-designed air inlet. It is slimmed down, streamlined and sits fully flush to the surface, creating an extended usable area of induction hob.

A notable addition for the N 90 T58TL6EN2 Flex Induction hob is that it will be possible to monitor it via the Home Connect app. This will include push notifications when the filter needs changing and a direct link to buy a replacement. Features also include Climate Control, that senses the cooking steam and odours and automatically sets the most effective extraction level, and a Frying Sensor to stop food burning.

Secondly, Bosch also introduced two new venting hobs at kbb, a 70cm-wide model that features DirectSelect, for simple selection of the zone and power, with CombiZone flexibility to combine two zones for larger pans.

The flagship Serie 8 PXX875D67E 80cm-wide venting induction hob combines induction and ventilation technology and also offers Home Connect smart connectivity. Other highlights of the FlexInduction hob include PerfectCook and Perfect Fry, where an adjustable sensor precisely controls the temperature in the pan. The new venting hobs launch in April and May 2020.

Thirdly, inductionAir venting hobs from Siemens took centre stage at kbb with three new models: studioLine iQ700 EX807LX67E (80cm wide with flush installation), studioLine iQ700 EX877LX67E (80cm wide); and iQ500 ED711FQ15E (70cm wide). Key features include flexInduction flexible cooking zones, a climateControl Sensor that monitors steam and odours and adjusts the extractor power level automatically, and the fryingSensor and cookingSensor for precision while cooking. The studioLine models can also be remotely monitored via the Home Connect app.

All the new venting hobs will be released during April and May 2020.

New ranges of wine cabinets launched

Elsewhere, all three brands also launched new models of wine cabinets at the show.

Firstly, to the NEFF wine cabinet offering, two new models are added (launching in the Autumn). For compact wine collections, there is an undercounter model at 30cm wide. With space for 21 bottles within one temperature zone, it has bamboo shelves and a stainless steel bar handle. A larger 60cm-wide cabinet has a 43-bottle capacity. Two temperature zones can be independently set between 5°C and 20°C.

Commenting on the new products, Sue Flowers, NEFF Group Marketing Manager, said: “We’re looking forward to exhibiting our new range of venting hobs and wine cabinets at kbb Birmingham. The new venting hobs come with a range of features, including a re-designed air inlet and a Frying Sensor, while the new wine cabinets offer wider variety for compact and larger wine collections.”

Also adding to its wine cabinet line-up, Bosch unveiled two new built-under and two new freestanding cabinets. In the built-under offering, the Serie 6 KUW KU20VHG0G holds up to 21 bottles and the Serie 6 KUW21AHG0G holds up to 43 bottles in two temperature zones. Meanwhile, the 60cm-wide freestanding model holds 44 bottles and has a push-to-open door, but for true wine lovers, the Serie 6 KWK36A TGAG freestanding cabinet stands 185cm high and holds a maximum of 199 bottles; it also features a push-to-open door. All models have oak shelves and a temperature range of five to 20oC. They will launch in the autumn.

Lastly, on display from Siemens at the show was the full range of new built-under wine cabinets in 30cm (iQ500 KU20WVHG0G – left) and 60cm (iQ500 KU21WAHG0G) widths. Alongside will be the 60cm-wide freestanding models in 82cm (iQ500 KW16KATGAG) and 186cm (iQ500 KW36KATGA) heights. Features include oak shelves, a temperature range of five to 20°C and, in the larger models, two temperature zones for simultaneous storage of red and white wine. All the new models are set to launch in the autumn.

Cooling also boasts an all-new iQ700 KF86FPB2A FrenchDoor fridge-freezer (left). Clad in striking black glass, it has a two-drawer freezer (67 litres) and full-width 279-litre fridge compartment. The central hyperFresh premium zero-degrees compartment holds fruit, vegetables, meat and fish in an area of controlled humidity to keep it fresher for longer. The KF86FPB2 has full Home Connect capabilities.