BounceX orchestrates solution to help Sonos hit the right notes

Luxury smart speaker company, Sonos, has improved audience targeting efforts and onsite revenue capture with a solution from BounceX, the leading behavioural marketing technology provider.

Sonos was founded in August 2002 from the desire to create a wireless audio service. The vision was simple: help music lovers play any song anywhere in their homes.  Its store estate now spans more than 60 countries worldwide, from Singapore to Luxembourg, Lahore to Buenos Aires – comprising of 500 patents and 50 streaming services – and it sells direct online in the UK, whilst also being stocked in Richer Sounds, John Lewis and Currys.  For Sonos, the listener comes first.  Its products are simple to set up and use, with the company continually working to grow and innovate in order to fine-tune customer experience.

 However, Sonos was falling victim to a consumer behaviour known as ‘reverse showrooming’, where consumers research the product online and show intent to buy but would then require the tactile experience of seeing and testing the speakers in-store to complete a purchase.

In spite of efforts to expand its eCommerce footprint, Sonos found that it couldn’t convince customers to convert onsite rather than in-store – a particular problem with non-essential retail stores closed under UK lockdown.  Despite UK online tech transactions reporting a 40% increase in March (iAdvize), the retailer’s onsite cart abandonment rates reflected the impact of this reverse showrooming trend, hovering around 88% as consumers dropped off right before converting.  The issue dealt with onsite identification, meaning Sonos were unable to help shoppers along their buying journey to drive conversions and prevent basket abandonment.

Understanding the need to better recognise, market to and convert site visitors, Sonos partnered with BounceX to help them identify their online customers, determine where they were on their sales journey and find ways to move them along the path to purchase.

BounceX’s highly targeted and personalised marketing solution has provided Sonos with the ability to identify customers’ onsite, understanding the conversion path and remarketing to consumers.  This has meant it could deploy additional onsite campaigns to improve customer experience and better nurture visitors, as well as brand appropriate email capture modals that grow its addressable database.  Sonos saw a 12x return on spend and on-site identification rates rise significantly, to 21% of site traffic, aiding more productive retargeting and revenue capture efforts.

Sean Knotts, Senior eCommerce Manager at Sonos, explained: “With a central global eCommerce and CRM team, ease of global implementation was a critical to the project, and we didn’t want to wait a year (or more) to see the returns from our investment. The premium level of onboarding and strategic service from BounceX ensured that we got up and running quickly and enabled us to see immediate—and impactful—return on spend.”

“BounceX’s technology was able to hit every one of the challenges we have been trying to address, but we were particularly swayed by BounceX’s ability to address the acceleration of time to the first dollar. Our rigorous evaluation landed us with a highly effective partner and a team that comprehends and executes on Sonos’ goals. We’ve been impressed by the results and feel very supported by the BounceX team,” Knotts added.

Rob Delijani, Senior Direct of Growth Strategy of BounceX EMEA, commented: “More than ever before, retailers are realising the importance of creating a seamless online experience that takes into account the complexities of high consideration purchases. Although consumers are spending time researching products online, premium retailers such as Sonos are facing the challenge of consumer drop-off at checkout.”

“Understanding individual consumer intent and meeting shopper needs in real-time are the key to winning hearts, minds and sales, but without accurate identification, these goals are just out of reach. Email is the key to cross-channel customer identification, but it is just the start of effectively targeting the digital goldmine of medium-to-high-intent prospects,” he concluded.

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