Bosch introduces new i-DOS washing technology

When it comes to buying a new washing machine, saving time and money typically tops the list of demands. That’s why Bosch has developed i-DOS, a technology that uses integrated sensors to detect how heavy a washing load is, the type of fabric being washed and the degree of soiling.

Your machine then automatically sets the right program and adjusts the amount of detergent used. There are many benefits to auto-dosing technology. Too little detergent and your laundry won’t come out clean, leading to stains and smells not being removed. Use too much detergent and your washing machine has to work overtime, and you may be left with detergent residue.

Bosch i-DOS auto-dosing technology can reduce detergent use by up to 38 per cent, according to tests. i-DOS also looks after the environment. Precise water dosing means you could save up to 7,000 litres of water every year and cut the average washing cycle by 14 minutes.

Also, because you only need to refill the detergent every few weeks, i-DOS can also help reduce packaging waste.

Ros Collins, Category Manager Home Laundry, BSH Home Appliances, said: “We are aware that a product with a dosing system might cost a bit more to start with, but you could recover that money within the first year by using less detergent.”