Beko Launches UK First HarvestFresh™ Cooling Technology

Beko, the UK’s number one best-selling large home appliance brand[1], has introduced a new and innovative collection of fridge freezers designed to revitalise fruit and vegetables using unique technology.

Its patent pending HarvestFreshTM cooling technology is a UK first and mimics the natural sunlight cycle to preserve vitamins in vegetables and fruit for up to five days after they leave the shop floor.

It works by using light to replicate the sun’s natural 24-hour cycle within the fridge. During the first four hours of its cycle, the crisper lights will shine blue, mimicking dawn and the first light of the day. This is then followed by two hours of green light replicating midday, and a further six hours of red light imitating the more muted tones of dusk.

The drawers then turn dark for 12 hours to represent night-time. The innovative three colour technology ensures that fruit and vegetables are exposed to a similar light cycle as they would be, when still growing outdoors, in their natural environment.

Simulating the sun’s cycle in a fridge has never been done before and has now been independently verified by a leading global technology research company to prove that it does indeed preserve vitamins A and C for five additional days[2]. Sometimes overlooked, these vitamins are key for boosting people’s immune system, promoting a healthier heart, supporting healthy cognitive brain function and provide natural antioxidants to protect the body from disease.

Vijay Bhardwaj, Marketing Director at Beko UK & Ireland, said: “We’re delighted to be bringing UK first technology to the market. As a company we are continuing to invest in our brands and innovation. This new Beko collection of fridge freezers features our latest and greatest technology – HarvestFreshTM. We know that people are leading increasingly busier lives, but now more than ever before, people’s health is also at the top of their agenda. And that means eating healthily.

“Ensuring the preservation of vitamins in vegetables and fruit for up to five days, provides consumers with the assurance that their fresh produce will not go to waste. HarvestfreshTM means they are now able to proactively boost their immune system by ensuring they’re getting all of the nutrition and vitamins they should from their fruit and vegetables.”

HarvestFreshTM cooling technology is available on a variety of different models including freestanding and integrated fridge freezers, American Style, Side by Side’s, and Multi-door fridge freezers.

[1] Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2019ed, as per major appliances definition, retail volume sales in units, 2018 data

[2] Testing was conducted by Intertek