AEG reenergises its premium end product portfolio

AEG has launched a new brand platform – called ‘Challenge the Expected’ – to focus on its premium, multi-category home appliance range of products.

“AEG exists to redefine what you would expect from household appliances,” said Luke Harding, General Manager UK & Ireland. “We are a brand that challenges the boundaries of everyday life. Ever since the brand was founded in Berlin in 1883, we have refused to settle for ‘good enough’ and are driven to provide uncompromising innovations for the home.

“‘Challenge the Expected’ is a mantra AEG lives by, and now we’re illustrating this mind-set in a credible yet creative way which, testing has shown, truly resonates with consumers.”

The brand platform is brought to life by a host of award-winning products across different categories. The AEG Matt Black Collection of appliances, for example, holds RedDot and iF product design awards (2020).

Just look at some of these images!

The AEG SensePro hob features a wireless and battery-less probe, (inserted within a pot or pan when in use), that communicates directly with the hob. This sets and maintains the exact temperature of food, delivering rare/medium/well done to the degree. The sous-vide functionality makes this the ultimate assisted cooking experience.

Elsewhere, the connected AEG CookView oven offers an integrated core temperature sensor, and a camera in the oven handle keeps an eye on food as it cooks, providing a connected view delivered to the ‘My AEG’ app on a smartphone.

The award-winning ComfortLift dishwasher features unique technology that lifts the lower rack in one effortless motion for improved access to dishes. AEG said this is a world first. Also, used with the ‘My AEG’ app, step by step guidance is provided so the connected dishwasher always runs at its best.

Staying with white goods, the connected AEG 9000 Premium Edition washing machine and tumble dryer bring technology together for the first time for the brand.

The result is matching, synchronised cycles for a “seamless flow” laundry concept of washing and drying, the manufacturer said. Specifically, one fully automated ‘My wash/My Dry’ program covers the use of both machines to get the best results for clothing.

AEG’s AutoDose feature, also a RedDot design award winner, involves sensor technology to automatically adjust the water, energy and time of a wash; based on this, only the precise and optimum use of detergent is used in the cycle.

Finally, the AEG QX9 is the company’s stylish and silent cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Incorporating premium anodized aluminium and with a leather inspired finish, this stick cleaner is lightweight and versatile.