AEG launches the SensePro Hob

AEG has introduced its most advanced induction hob yet, the SensePro Hob. Combining the innovations set forth in the AEG SenseFry and AEG SenseBoil hobs, this new induction hob could change the the way we prepare food.

Equipped with one of the world’s first ever wireless and battery-less food probes, the SensePro hob is able to measure the core temperature of food to a precise +/- 1°C, ensuring precise results every time.

Thanks to this advanced sensor technology, the internal temperature of food is tracked and the heat automatically adjusted, to guarantee desired results. With the colour touch control display, users can pick from an extensive list of dishes and cooking techniques and can even select how they would like their food prepared, giving them the ultimate control.

From rare to well-done, steak can be cooked to perfection, ensuring restaurant quality taste, texture and flavour. Whether cooking potatoes or simmering sauce, the SensePro hob also detects rising bubbles and effortlessly adjusts to a lower simmer, preventing and eliminating the common frustration and mess of an over-boiling pan. With the ability to measure precise temperature, the SensePro hob also allows you to prepare food in a sous-vide water bath, allowing users to display a high level of skill in the kitchen.

Peter Spencer, General Manager, Electrolux UK & Ireland, said: “At AEG, we pride ourselves on developing intelligent technology and responsive design that not only meet consumer expectations but exceed them. The SensePro Hob is a prime example of thinking about what the future of the kitchen looks like, and developing a product which combines foresight, technology and consumer need, to deliver kitchen mastery in our consumers’ homes.”