As part of a complete refresh of its cable line-up for 2016, The Chord Company has launched its flagship cable line, called ChordMusic.

The company says it is its most advanced cable in its 30-year history and features a new and never-before-used insulation material called Taylon.

The cable includes its Super Aray conductor technology, which is a development of its original Tuned Aray design, bringing increased levels of musical detail to the listener. It also promises to deliver better noise reduction, with three external layers of noise-reducing materials.

The cable connects to both analogue and digital sources. Each set of the ChordMusic speaker cables is hand built and features the same noise-reduction layers as fitted to the company’s ana-logue and digital interconnects.

Price ranges of the ChordMusic cables are: Analogue: RCA 1m, £3,800; Digital: RCA/BNC 1m, £3,500; Streaming: RJ45 1m, £3,800; and Speaker: Banana plugs per terminated metre £1,100 (1.5m pair £3,300).

The new cable line-up for this year includes seven ranges from the entry-level C-Series through to the flagship ChordMusic line-up.

The Chord Company: 01980 625700