Promising easy set-up in minutes, the new M3 soundbar from Q Acoustics has been designed in the UK for consumers who are frustrated by the ‘thin’ audio performance of built-in speakers on flat-screen TVs.

The M3 soundbar’s streamlined cabinet has been engineered for engaging performance whether watching TV, streaming music from a smartphone or tablet or playing a video game.

The M3 features Balanced Mode Radiator drivers for detailed sound and wide dispersion. Rather than focusing sound in a tight area like traditional drivers, it disperses it in a wide arc, meaning users will experience the full detail of the effects no matter where they are sitting in a room.

Its dual voice coil subwoofer also supplies the low-end rumble to add depth and weight to films, TV, music and video games.

The Q Acoustics M3 soundbar is priced at £299.

Q Acoustics: 01279 501111