When it comes to the art of cable design, keen audiophiles need look no further than Dali’s new Connect collection, which comprises four loudspeaker cables, including one with a bi-wiring option.

Each variant is available in mechanically-tuned two-, three- and four-metre lengths. Dali claims that the cables exploit the full potential of Dali speakers and will also provide the best sound from high-quality non-Dali loudspeakers.

Each cable is fitted with carbon-cased cable splitters that separate the terminations to avoid accidental shorting.

A mechanical twisting mechanism expands the plugs’ centre-pins to make a tight, secure connection with amplifier loudspeaker terminals. Each of the four cables have been developed using carefully selected conductors and dielectric materials and prices range from £269 to £679.

Dali: 0845 644 3537