Zanussi helps out Britain’s biggest family

Zanussi has provided Britain’s biggest family with a set of home appliances, including a tumble dryer and a hob and microwave.

The Radford family – Britain’s biggest family – has just got bigger, as parents Noel and Sue Radford have just welcomed their 21st child.

Born on 6 November and weighing 8lb 4oz, baby Bonnie joined the Radford’s other children; with an almost 28-year age gap from the eldest boy, the baby girl brings the overall total to 10 girls and 11 boys.

With a big family to look after, it’s no surprise that the Radfords spend so much time each week on household chores. Preparing breakfast for 21 each day means mum Sue must wake up at 06.00am to have enough time to ensure all 18 kids are fed, clothed and out of the house on time. The family also do 63 loads of tumble drying a week, that’s 441 skirts, 756 t-shirts and 2,268 socks for the children alone!

Chris George, Head of Marketing at Zanussi, said: “When we heard that Sue and Noel were having another baby, we jumped at the chance to help prepare the family for their newest arrival and ease the load of Britain’s biggest family. By providing them with brand new Zanussi appliances we hope to make life simpler and easier for them. The Radford clan will be able to spend less energy doing chores and will have more time to spend together as a family.”

Noel Radford added: “We were really excited when Zanussi reached out to us. With such a big family we spend a lot of time on household chores; time that could be spent together as a family.

“Balancing the all-consuming needs of a new-born with 18 other children can be quite a challenge. It’s great that now we can do just that and don’t have to waste precious family time!”