What deals could we see on Black Friday this year?

Each year, Black Friday is hailed as the singular event in the consumer calendar which promises the so-called best deals.

The past 18 months have seen record spending on the home, impacted by the bans on travel and leisure, and experts have been left wondering which deals will see the most interest this year.

Arun Bhatoye, Head of Marketing at Hisense UK, has shared his predictions for the annual discount extravaganza.

“Appliances and electricals are consistently an area where we see lots of customer interest during Black Friday promotions,” explains Mr Bhatoye. “Over the years, it’s been crystal clear for them that this is where the real savings are, and so we can expect to see lots of interest in the electricals that are on offer this November.

Despite 2020 seeing huge investments in the home, the Office for National Statistics has shown a general trend in higher spending on appliances in recent years, with spending on these products higher than average following a peak in Autumn last year.

Not only that, but the daily average consumption of TV and screening services increased by around an hour last year as an impact of the pandemic to just shy of six hours per household, which might lead to more interest in upgrading television sets for newer models.

Additionally, households might be looking to increase the number of TVs within their home rather than upgrade their main set: consumers are consistently looking to purchase smaller screen for kitchens, garden rooms and bedrooms, according to Hisense. Not only that but a surge in home-built ‘garden pubs’ have seen further interest in smaller screens to complete the atmosphere.

“We’ve also seen that people have really missed entertaining family and friends, and now see their kitchen spaces as an even more valuable asset than ever before. Add to that the increase in home working, and more of us are moving to rural spaces from urban settings which will often bring more space for both leisure and work,” continues Mr Bhatoye.

“As an impact of this, we’re expecting to see even more interest in kitchen appliances during this year’s promotion, particularly larger and more statement products like fridges, which are often bought in lieu of a Christmas gift for a partner or loved one.”