‘UHD is a great opportunity for retailers to customise stores’

The managing director of satellite operator SES Astra GB has called for more retailers to get behind UHD TV on the shopfloor.

Speaking in a panel session at this year’s SES Ultra HD Conference, Mike Chandler (pictured) said: “There is a great opportunity for retailers to customise their stores, so people can experience something new and talk about it with their friends and family.

“For technologies like High Dynamic Range, you need to have a good living-room-like environment [in-store] to show the difference in content. That’s key – you can only demonstrate and up-sell if you’ve got the right tools and environment.”

Added Richard Lindsay-Davies, chief executive of the Digital TV Group (DTG): “We know that UHD has come of age – it’s here to stay and it may well become the norm at some point, so we have to plan for it. The good news is that we’re making those baby steps – the consumer electronics market has already done it and we’re on a road map to more and more services. When will all TVs be UHD? It can’t be that far off – two or three years.”

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