Toshiba shows the art of TV at IFA

Toshiba will be showcasing a number of its latest TV developments at this year’s IFA show in Berlin (September 1-6).

The 500 square metre display will include a wide variety of HDR, OLED and 4K technologies, as well as greater access to content.

The show will see the launch of the brand’s movie-themed TV, which Toshiba says will “breathe new life into an iconic and much-loved story through its design”.

The company will also be bringing a new supersized, premium TV to the affordable mid-market.

Also gracing the stand will be a hi-tech wall art concept – an ultra-thin TV that can hang flush against the wall.

European sales and marketing director Bart Kuijten commented: “This showcase perfectly demonstrates our commitment to elevating mainstream viewing standards. Rather than make technology for technology’s sake, we’re spearheading and supporting meaningful innovation, offering higher-calibre TVs with plenty of access to compatible content.

“Introducing cutting-edge design and innovation to the affordable mainstream sector, we’re driving new trends – new avenues of growth, staying one step ahead of even the most advanced breakthroughs with concepts, such as our TV wall art. We’re also placing TV at the forefront of the film-viewing experience, extending our reach and appeal by becoming a tangible part of the on-screen movie magic.”