“The audio world bids farewell to a true legend”

It has been reported that audio pioneer, Ken Ishiwata, has passed away at the age of 72.

Mr Ishiwata spent the majority of his career – 41 years – at Marantz, before leaving in May this year, and industry colleagues and associates have said he is leaving behind “an amazing legacy and a legion of fans of his signature sound” and that the audio world bids farewell to a “true legend”.

Mr Ishiwata started his career in Europe at various tech-based brands, including Pioneer. He then joined Marantz in 1978 as a Technical Coordinator and came to prominence as a Senior Product Manager. He became the Marantz Brand Ambassador and was part of the team that developed and evolved the Marantz sound.

Mr Ishiwata’s influence in the high end audio industry grew over many years and his experience and knowledge warranted universal acclaim and his opinions and views were widely reported in the world’s Hi-Fi press.

During the early 1980s, Mr Ishiwata was hugely involved in the production of the first CD players that came close to sounding as good as their analogue counterparts through Marantz’s collaborations with Philips.

In his role at Marantz Europe, many new products were trialled in his listening room at the company’s Eindhoven Headquarters for his seal of audio approval.

Following this, several limited edition products came out that had Mr Ishiwata’s personal opinion and input and some would even bear his name.