T21 expands by adding four new companies

Training company T21 has launched four new companies and changed its name to T21 Group.

According to group chief executive Paul Laville (pictured), the move will allow the company to further develop its expertise in training, film media, field marketing and IT for the benefit of the CE industry.

The new companies are T21 Training and Business Development, T21 Media, T21 Digital and T21 Plus.

T21 Training and Business Development will continue to provide sales and product training solutions for the electrical industry. It will also be developing an extended range of business support services, such as the new ‘Retail Clinic’, which aims to help independent retailers implement sound business strategies for sustainability and growth in competitive markets.

T21 Media will specialise in producing premium video and dynamic content.

T21 Digital will continue to build on the IT platforms currently hosting T21’s e-learning solutions.

And finally, T21 Plus is a sales and promotional agency that provides field trainers, merchandisers, demonstrators and exhibition staff, well-trained to T21’s high standards.

Said Mr Laville: “In less than three years of business, T21 has enjoyed growth exceeding all expectations. A large part of this is due to our ability to deliver a broader choice of services than might normally be expected of a traditional training company. Now I want to give those core services the space to grow without constraint, so that our clients can call upon them either collectively or individually and be confident they are receiving the best in the industry.

“T21’s training proposition remains core to the business, and we will be pushing our learning and development solutions into some very exciting areas going forward. As a group, I now feel that we can offer this industry a complete range of specific business-improvement solutions that will help those who want to stay relevant to their customers, develop their competitive advantages and continue to grow and be successful in a competitive marketplace, where the pace of change is accelerating beyond the scope of traditional retail models.”