Sonos working on speakers with Amazon Alexa voice control

Sonos has announced it is developing a speaker that will incorporate Amazon’s Alexa voice control technology.

Alexa is Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant, which uses artificial intelligence to understand what users are saying.

Back in August, Sonos announced it would add Amazon Echo support to its speakers, but this would require users buying an Amazon Echo as well as a Sonos set-up.

Speaking to American trade magazine Variety, Sonos chief executive Patrick Spence said: “I’m very confident that we can deliver multiple systems to our users. I’d love to be supporting not only Echo and [Echo] Dot, but also Google Home.”

Asked whether there will one day be a Sonos speaker that has microphones and Amazon’s Alexa assistant built-in, he said: “Yes, there will be.”

  • Image top – Sonos Play5 speaker