Sonos shuts London store – Berlin to follow

Audio brand Sonos has closed its London store and plans to pull the plug on its Berlin outlet in January next year.

The London shop (pictured), which was billed as Sonos’s first European concept store and opened in the Seven Dials area of the city in November 2017, closed on September 9. The Berlin store, which opened in April 2018, will follow next year.

In a statement, Sonos told ERT: “With regard to the London store location, as the planned lease period came to its conclusion, we decided not to renew it. It’s also the same with Berlin, which, aligned with the original plan, will be closing early next year.

“We’re proud of the spirit of progressive innovation at Sonos, and we’ll continue to innovate on our customers’ experience of Sonos at every level. We’ve had successful runs with the stores and our Sonos Studio initiative, and have since developed a number of Sonos Store concepts. Our New York concept continues to operate, as well as a number of concept stores in China.”

The London Sonos store featured “state-of-the-art” listening rooms – two acoustically-tuned, house-shaped structures, which were designed to emulate a “real multi-room home listening space”.

The retail outlet hosted a line-up of listening events, screenings, cultural talks and installations.