SnapAV and Control4 merge to take on the smart home industry

SnapAV, provider of AV, surveillance, networking and remote management products for professionals, and Control4 Corporation, global provider of smart home solutions, have announced the successful completion of their merger.

Unified into a single organisation, Control4 becomes a professional smart home brand in the company portfolio, while SnapAV continues to bring technology professionals a trusted, end-to-end partner that invests relentlessly in growing the industry and helping their businesses succeed.

“The smart home industry is poised for massive growth, and much of that growth will be driven and satisfied by professionals,” said John Heyman, Chief Executive Officer of SnapAV. “Our team shares a passion to deliver fantastic experiences to homeowners and businesses.

“Through this combination of industry leaders, we have organised ourselves around delivering a unified and integrated company that gives dealers one place to go for the best and broadest selection of products, greatest technical support, most rewarding sales programs, robust training resources, and more.”

The combination of these two companies brings together a robust product catalogue of in-house brands and third-party products, backed by highly-experienced product engineering teams, award-winning customer service, education and training programmes, and in-field technical support. Adding the award-winning Control4 Smart Home OS, an operating system specifically designed for the modern, pro-installed smart home (pictured above), gives SnapAV one of the most connected product portfolios with interoperability across nearly 14,000 devices from hundreds of manufacturers.

SnapAV’s product development team will be led by Charlie Kindel as Chief Product and Technology Officer. He said: “We know this to be true: the number of connected devices in the home will continue to increase. Homeowners want help removing complexity so they can enjoy life at home more and manage technology less.

“We’re focused on the vision of making end-customers rave about our fantastic products and the great living experiences our dealers create with those products. Through this merger, we will fulfil the true promise of the smart home.”

Control4 will continue to be available only through Control4 Authorised Dealers, and the high standards required for dealer certification will not change.

Dealers can expect to see continued investment in both local and international expansion. SnapAV intends to invest further into the international markets Control4 has established including the UK and Ireland.

SnapAV CEO, John Heyman, will lead the merged teams as CEO, while former Control4 CEO, Martin Plaehn, joins the board of directors of SnapAV’s parent company.