Smeg takes a bullet for Banderas in Hollywood blockbuster

Smeg’s retro range of fridges, dishwashers, SDAs and Victoria range cookers all play a starring role in the film Security, released this month.

The film features Antonio Banderas, Ben Kingsley and Gabriella Wright, and focuses on an ex-special services veteran (Banderas) who is down on his luck and desperate for work and embarks on a career as a security guard in a shopping mall.

During his first night shift, he opens the doors to a young distressed girl, who is soon discovered to be a witness on the run from a psychopathic killer (Ben Kingsley), and his band of henchmen, determined to eliminate the young witness.

The events unfold in a US shopping mall, which features a Smeg pop-up at its heart.

The products feature throughout the film with many of them being used as shields when gunfire breaks out.