Smart appliance sales help towards impressive growth for Haier

CEO of Europe, Yannick Fierling

Haier has reported it achieved 20 per cent brand growth during its 2020-2021 financial year period, with 12 per cent European growth.

Announcing its performance results at its annual conference this week, the company said it accounted for 16.2 per cent global market share, with every one in four fridges and one in four washing machines sold being from the Haier, Hoover or Candy brands.

Speaking at the virtual 1 Vision smart conference, which attracted more than 500 attendees across two days, UK and Ire CEO, David Meyerowitz, reported how growing consumer confidence had helped towards the group achieving number one positions in several product categories – including freestanding and built-in washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers, multi-door refrigeration and wine coolers.

Mr Meyerowitz spoke exclusively to ERT about Haier’s 1:Vision journey to be on top of the smart appliances market – you can read the interview in the June issue of ERT.

UK and Ire CEO, David Meyerowitz

Other presentations at the conference came from several members of the senior management team, including CEO of Europe, Yannick Fierling, who said “during the last five years the group has been the biggest for home appliances”.

Backing this up with other key achievements, Mr Fierling reported of Haier’s 30 per cent year-on-year increase in smart MDA sales.

He said he believes this has been achieved through “a focus on product experience, rather than just the models themselves”, and a clearly-defined, three-brand strategy.

Mr Fierling continued: “Our three-element strategy of accelerating value, increasing sales quantities and optimising brand value have supported brand expansion into new lines and categories.

“This, combined with increased manufacturing capacity, upweighting systems and our triple-brand and price quartile strategies enabled us to mark a challenging but exceptional year.”

With over three million registered users, 18 connected product families and more than 12 million smart products in the market, Haier has invested heavily in its industrial footprint in order to meet growing demand. This will be delivered through three new factories opening this year and in 2022 in Romania, Turkey and China. This is in addition to the company’s six existing production sites and 300 research and development engineers.