Sirius reports of huge success after launching new website PIM system

Sirius Buying Group has launched a new PIM (Product Information Management) System – designed to improve the online customer experience with a focus on driving more traffic to group members’ websites.

It feeds the Sirius website with over 5,500 products, complete with technical specifications and visual assets from Approved Suppliers to the group. This is also available to all 185+ Sirius members to utilise across their own websites and it is already having great success.

The buying group has reported “amazing results” following the introduction of the system.

Not only that, but members have shared their praise also. Simon Cox, Director of Borshch Electric in Birmingham, said: “We’ve been using the PIM system for six months now and it has been very useful to us. Before, we were having to manually fill out product features, technical specs, and source images for each model of appliance booked into our system, which became extremely time-consuming and difficult.

“Having the system now do all of this for us, instantly, has been an immense help and has saved us a huge amount of time that we can now use to focus on generating sales and new business instead.”

George Smith, Owner of A&B Smith Domestic Appliances, added: “Before we signed up to the PIM system, we only had a very basic website with very few customers calling in. But the PIM has led to thousands of products being listed on our website and we now get calls every day and this is helping us bring in extra business, which has been the case from the moment it went live on our site.”

Joe Howes, Data and Digital Marketing Manager at Sirius Buying Group, explained: “We have had a product catalogue for many years, but it was previously limited in its distribution to members who had a specific website platform.

“The importance of a web presence has become even more apparent over the last two years, and we felt it was necessary to support all our members by increasing their level of visibility online, as much as possible. We made the move to a dedicated, stand-alone PIM System that can integrate with many platforms, such as WordPress, Magento 2 and Shopify to ensure our maintained product catalogue is far more accessible.”

Mark Veysey, General Manager at Sirius Buying Group, added: “Treating the web as a natural extension of your retail space is a real game-changer right now, helping you to stay competitive and actively drive new foot traffic to your business in store and online. The PIM System is available to support our members online presence and in doing so, gift those who have signed-up with more time to spend on their business and not countless hours on digital inventory management.”

And Steve Jones, Managing Director of Sirius, concluded: “We are delighted to be able to create a business model that is simple, productive, and future-oriented, helping the independent retailer to profit from the latest digital resources to boost their business.”