Sirius Buying Group celebrates 20th anniversary

Sirius Buying Group is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The major buying group in the electrical appliance and kitchen retail sectors was established in April 2001.

Managing Director of the Group, Steve Jones, said that following a period of paused trading due to the pandemic, to recognise 20 years in business “is truly remarkable”. He also added that it had been the best year to-date in terms of new members, purchasing growth and rebates is huge

Mr Jones continued: “How our Members proved they could adapt and the support of our Approved Suppliers should not go unnoticed. We are extremely proud of them as our company ethos has always been to work creatively together for the greater good and this is evident given our network of market leading Approved Suppliers, 183 members and over 250 retail outlets.”

The buying group boss also spoke about the Sirius Trade Show, which he said had become “a prerequisite for success” amongst the electrical retail industry.

“With the introduction of our Digital Trade Show and Virtual Conference during the pandemic, along with timely support via regular virtual member meetings,” Mr Jones added, “we have been able to create market resilience and retain a high calibre of retail opportunities for our approved members despite market conditions.”

Mark Veysey, General Manager at Sirius Buying Group, commented: “Taking a positive and professional approach to change is a key pillar of the Sirius Buying Group philosophy, so please get in touch in order to enjoy the benefits of an exceptional network of Approved Suppliers to help move your business forward and plan for the future with confidence.”