Sharp introduces company name change in Europe

Sharp is changing the company name of its European country organisations to Sharp Consumer Electronics. As part of its global strategy, the manufacturer is pursuing a uniform worldwide brand identity.

By taking over its subsidiary Skytec UMC late last year, and with the renaming of the country organisations, Sharp said it is continuing to gain prominence as a global brand in Europe.

For example, UMC UK Limited becomes Sharp Consumer Electronics UK Limited. Skytec UMC will disappear from all corporate communication, while all platforms, communication and sales materials will be aligned with the new brand identity and name.

Peter Smatrala, CEO of Sharp Consumer Electronics Europe, explained: “Our goal is to be regarded in the European market as a globally leading technology brand. For this reason, an important step was the unification of our country organisations. There is now no longer any separation by name from our headquarters in Japan or other countries outside Europe.”

These changes will also affect Sharp’s overall development strategy and the expansion of the 8K+5G ecosystem and AIoT. With the expertise of its parent company, Foxconn, and other partners, Sharp aims to offer products and technologies “that will significantly improve and make customers’ lives smarter”, it said.

The manufacturer is also pushing ahead with the expansion of the Smart Appliance Solutions (SAS) business unit in Europe. Other new business areas and product categories are also planned.