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Editor’s comment: The final countdown

Next month sees the return of the ERT Awards and Turning Point Live! conference.

Preparations are in full swing here in the office and in this issue of ERT we are really pleased to announce some of the finer details of the day, including the agenda for the Turning Point Live! conference. Hopefully you didn’t miss our special cover wrap – across those pages you’ll find all the information you need ahead of attending in October.

Talking of, there’s still plenty of time to book tickets for the event – simply click here.

The day will not only celebrate the successes of the electrical retailing sector with the ERT Awards, but at Turning Point Live! manufacturers, retailers and industry experts will come together to share ideas on best practice in business as the industry continues to navigate through very tough trading conditions.

On that note, one of this year’s panel discussions will focus around retailer websites and digital marketing, which is an incredibly crucial part of business in today’s age.

Having a top-notch website is imperative; if you don’t have this, your business may as well not exist. But in addition, it needs to be a fully-functioning and easy-to-navigate site otherwise users will get frustrated and potentially shop via another website. Our expert panel at Turning Point Live! will offer their advice to help retailers create the best online platform.

To whet your appetite before the conference next month, there’s also expert comment in this issue of ERT on the subject of websites and digital marketing. Gekko’s Daniel Todaro says that by getting to know your market and creating tailored content, a digital strategy can increase footfall in-store and sales off and online.

People respond to different techniques across various digital platforms; knowing how to connect with the target audience is important. Read more from page 36.

I will see you there!

As you may (hopefully!) be aware, there’s a new face heading up ERT. So that means there will be a new host for this year’s Turning Point Live! conference – yours truly!

I’m very much looking forward to hosting this year and I’m excited to have some in-depth conversations and to help generate some new ideas for forward-thinking electrical retailers. I hope there is some useful content for you to take away.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible attending this year’s event!

Also this month…

Riding high off the back of being named the number one brand in home appliances, this month I sat down with Peter Booth, Commercial Director CE at LG, to talk about inspiring innovation and product development.

He told me that research and development is at the forefront of everything the company does; in fact, 20 per cent of its global workforce is in R&D. LG is also opening a brand new research facility next year – a Science Park near Seoul, South Korea.

Find out more and read the full interview from page 18 of this issue.

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