Scavolini celebrates 60 years of history, and looks to the future with enthusiasm

Italian kitchens manufacturer Scavolini is celebrating its landmark 60th anniversary.

From humble beginnings as a small family company, it has grown and morphed into a global leader. In 2012 it set its sights on the bathroom, quickly followed by a series of stylish solutions for the living room in 2015 and a luxurious walk-in wardrobe in 2019. This successful expansion from the kitchen into other areas has been achieved while remaining faithful to its founding ethos of “enhancing the quality of home life by providing attractive and functional solutions”, the company said.

Scavolini continues to invest and develop the retail channel, which currently totals 1,200 points of sale across the world. The first significant milestone in the company’s global expansion plan was the opening of Scavolini USA – a two-storey showroom in Soho, New York in 2007. This has since been joined by Scavolini Stores in Shanghai and London. And more recently, in 2018, Scavolini France was established.

To mark 60 years, the company has produced a biography to honour its chairman: ‘Valter Scavolini. Life as a Great Venture’. Dedicated to the man (left) at the heart of the family and of the development of the brand, the biography includes personal anecdotes, as well as details of the successes and the decisions that have earned Scavolini the accolade ‘most popular and beloved in Italy’.

The book is backed by a TV advertising campaign, ‘60 Years Together’, which highlights the close relationship between the brand and its people, culminating in a product range that ranks Scavolini as an established authority in every room in the home. This is best expressed in its proud declaration: ‘From the kitchen, to the bathroom, the living room and the walk-in wardrobe: we have become a home, together’.

Fabiana Scavolini, Scavolini CEO, simply added: “We are delighted to share such a significant milestone in our life. To look to the past, but above all to the future, with positivity and enthusiasm. Here’s to the next 60 years!”