Samsung TVs hit by software glitch

‘Thousands’ of premium Samsung TVs have been left unusable following a firmware update.

According to a report by The Guardian, ‘thousands’ of owners of high-end Samsung TVs complained after their recently acquired models had blank, unusable screens.

The Guardian said it had been contacted by a number of owners who complained that the TVs they bought – in some cases just two weeks ago – had been rendered useless by an upgrade sent out by Samsung last week.

It added that owners had been posting furious messages on the company’s community boards, complaining that their new TVs were no longer working.

Some users reported that their Samsung TV either got stuck on one channel and wouldn’t respond to remote control commands, while others said that the TV got stuck on the home screen, or just wouldn’t turn on at all.

Samsung told customers that it is working to fix the problem, which appeared to only affect the latest European models – the 2017 MU6, MU7 and MU8 ranges. The problem may have to be resolved by a visit from an engineer, rather than a software update that can be sent out automatically to the TVs.

A Samsung spokesman told ERT:  “Samsung is aware of a small number of TVs in the UK – less than 200 – affected by a firmware update to 2017 MU Series TVs on August 17. Once this issue was identified, the update was switched off and we’re now working with each customer to resolve the issue. Any customers affected are encouraged to get in touch with Samsung directly (0330 7267864).

“We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers.”