Samsung debuts its new luxury display ‘The Wall Luxe’

Samsung has announced that the hotly anticipated luxury display, ‘The Wall Luxe’, is now available to order at Harrods department store in London.

The Wall Luxe redefines home entertainment, offering discerning customers the ultimate display solution fit for any luxury residence.

With versatile modular LED panels, The Wall Luxe goes beyond the standard 16:9 ratio to occupy unusually shaped flat walls, pillars or even door frames. With customised shapes, it can fit into inspired and unusual locations. 

The Wall Luxe features two distinct modes, giving people the flexibility to use their bespoke display solution as an immersive way to enjoy entertainment or create a stunning visual canvas for their home.

In entertainment mode, The Wall Luxe delivers total immersion, allowing people to enjoy incredible visual experiences across a range of media.

When it’s not being used for this, it becomes a visual backdrop, allowing people to view art, picture or immersive scenes like never before. With Ambient Mode, The Wall Luxe becomes a digital canvas, and it’s Infinity Design and Décor Frame create a display that complements any space and only stands out when directed.

Where The Wall Luxe really excels is its picture quality with striking contrast and lifelike colours; it takes LED technology even further. It uses a new process to produce LEDs where the individual pixels are only 0.8mm wide, meaning even more pixels can be used in every frame for richer, denser, higher-quality imagery. It also uses HDR10+ for brightness, combined with precise greyscale to enhance contrast in any light.

Damon Crowhurst, Head of Visual Display at Samsung UK, commented: “As the world’s first consumer modular LED screen solution, The Wall Luxe delivers the ultimate flexibility for people wanting to customise their homes with bespoke display solutions – delivering on design without compromising on top of the range technology.

“Consumers will no longer have to sacrifice the design of their home to accommodate standard screen sizes. With Samsung’s The Wall Luxe, we provide infinite screen size and shape possibilities which reimagine the total viewing experience. We’re thrilled to be the first to offer this solution with Harrods as our retail partner.”

The Wall Luxe also features AI upscaling technology to maximise image quality in any size and ratio, whether it’s watching movies or boxsets on the big screen or enjoying a larger-than-life gaming experience.