Samsung launches 10-year screen burn TV warranty

Samsung has launched a 10-year screen burn warranty covering 2016 SUHD Quantum Dot TVs from participating retailers.

The manufacturer will repair or exchange TV panels at no cost to the owner if the screen “burn-in” effect occurs on screens within 10 years of purchase.

The warranty applies to the whole range of 2016 Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TVs, which are all certified Ultra HD Premium screens.

“Burn-in” refers to the TV display issue that leaves a permanent imprint of an image on-screen. This can occur when a screen is fixed on the same scene for too long or when the image is repeatedly displayed.

Samsung UK’s head of product management for TV & AV, Steve Mitchell said: “We are committed to making the best technology choices for our customers. Our SUHD Quantum Dot TVs not only provide industry leading picture quality, but are built to be enjoyed for many years to come.

“We know that for our customers a TV can be a significant purchase and we are so confident in the quality of our products we can offer this revolutionary 10-year screen burn warranty.”

The warranty is for consumers who purchase a 2016 SUHD Quantum Dot TV between August 1 2016 and March 31 2017 from a participating retailer and covers 19 models, including: 88in, 78in and 65in KS9800; 78in, 65in and 55in KS9500; 65in, 55in and 49in KS8500; and 65in, 60in, 55in and 49in KS8000.

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