Russell Hobbs marks 70th anniversary with ‘brand restage’

Russell Hobbs has announced a brand restage to mark its 70-year anniversary this year.

The household appliance brand said its aim is to make Russell Hobbs a relatable brand for modern British families “that is aspirational, but real and honest”, adding that it wants to engage consumers by “stirring emotional drivers” to take the pressure out of everyday life and offer a range of products to suit all lifestyles.

According to the brand’s research, Britishness has been identified as one of the biggest differentiators for Russell Hobbs in comparison to other brands within the home appliance category – the brand restage aims to take ownership of this quality to celebrate its 70-year heritage.

To showcase this, Russell Hobbs has created a new look and feel with a new colour palette for its branding, consisting of five British-inspired colours and a new set of fonts.

To celebrate this move forward, the company has launched its new campaign ‘We Get Life’ as part of the brand restage to commemorate the brands’ 70-year milestone and celebrate being the ‘Unofficial Sponsor of Life’ for many. The campaign aims to showcase the journey of Russell Hobbs – from being co-founded by William Russell and Peter Hobbs in 1952 and launching its first ever automatic kettle and toaster – to present day, and celebrate the range of different innovations that it has created.

Consumers will find a selection of recipes to suit all occasions, which can all be created with Russell Hobbs appliances. The brand has also set out to conduct its own research into consumer habits and lifestyles, to offer simple solutions as well as tips and tricks to make the everyday things simple in the home.

Cira Jones, Assistant Brand Manager at Spectrum Brands, commented: “We’re thrilled to reveal our new brand restage. It felt fitting to look not just at the products themselves but what they allow us to do and have allowed us to do over the last 70 years. And as we move forward, we hope to continue innovating so we can simplify household tasks for our customers, meaning they have the time to focus on enjoying the things that matter the most to them.”