Ruark Audio doubles the size of its UK HQ

Ruark Audio has expanded its headquarters in Essex with greatly enhanced office space, a doubling of warehouse capacity, a new R&D centre with listening room, and an in-house photographic studio.

The development at its Southend-on-Sea site has seen substantial investment in a raft of larger, improved facilities, including a fully modernised and expanded office that, the company said, will allow for continued growth in the future with space for further team additions.

The larger R&D centre now houses a new, acoustically-treated listening room where Ruark can test and perfect its designs. The development facility was needed to create the company’s next generation of products which have been developed on a completely new, proprietary platform.

The British, family-owned company – which won the Best Supplier Customer Service award at the ERT Awards 2021 – continues to see year-on-year sales increases, comprising larger sales to home-grown customers and, in particular, higher export demands. It has also been necessary to considerably expand its warehouse on site. Doubling capacity will enable Ruark to accommodate such growth.

Finally, by having its own in-house photographic studio, the company is now able to create more rich media content, such as the production of ‘how to’ instructional videos for consumers.

Ruark Audio Founder, Alan O’Rourke, said: “We have been based here for almost 40 years, so making sure our UK team have the finest equipment and support is a priority for us.

“Despite difficult ongoing circumstances, the past few years have been very successful for Ruark. The new facilities will enable us to continue to develop exceptional products, which are widely recognised as the best available and are the cornerstone of our business.”