Roberts joins the vinyl revival

Iconic British audio brand Roberts is celebrating its 85th anniversary and the vinyl revival by introducing a brand new turntable.

The RT100 joins the company’s growing range of audio products. It is part of the R-Line line-up of smart radio and wireless speakers.

Owen Watters, chief executive of Roberts Radio, told ERT: “Vinyl is most definitely back, for some it never went away. A major launch this year is the new RT100 turntable, only the second turntable to be launched in the company’s history.”

The turntable is belt-driven and comes fitted with an Audio-Technica AT-3600L pickup cartridge. The tonearm also features a removable headshell, so users could, if they so choose, have one of Audio-Technica’s mono cartridges standing by in a spare headshell for those old mono records in their collection.

The plinth is finished in a real wood veneer and houses a built-in stereo pre-amplifier, which means the RT100 can be connected to any hi-fi, radio, sound system or multi-room device that has an auxiliary input. The deck offers speeds of 33 and 45rpm and has an auto-stop function.

The provision of a USB port also allows listeners to rip their favourite albums into MP3, WAV or FLAC format.

The RT100 is available from August at a recommended price of £249.99.