Retra sets date for second smart-home seminar

Independent electrical retailers association Retra has announced a second smart-home seminar, following an early sell-out for its first event in February.

Taking place on March 1, the second seminar is exclusively for business proprietors and in association with UK smart-home distributor AWE and training company T21.

The free-to-attend event will be hosted at AWE’s headquarters in Epsom, Surrey, and aims to provide attendees with an increased understanding of the growth opportunities available through the smart-home market.

The day will consist of workshops, presentations, demonstrations and discussions, all providing insight for business owners to enable growth, profitability and sustainability.

The day is made up of four sessions:

  • The Definition of Smart Home –This session will provide a clear definition of smart home, will examine the differences between smart home and custom install, and will dispel a few industry myths.
  • Adapting your Business for Smart Home – The second session will cover growth and value opportunities available in the smart-home industry. Attendees will be helped to craft a business strategy to maximise the benefits discussed during the day.
  • Skills Workshop – Detailing the technical capabilities required, delegates will learn the subtle difference between the skills that are needed, and those that should be contracted out.
  • Home Cinema & Connected Home Demonstration – The final session of the day will include a demonstration of a home cinema and other smart-home products, providing attendees with an understanding on how to provide a show-stopping customer demo.

Said Retra chief executive Howard Saycell: “We announced the date for our smart home seminar in January, and within a week, the event was completely fully booked. Recognising that there is huge demand among retailers for this type of event, we plan to run a second seminar on Wednesday, March 1.”