Retail jobs see ‘staggering’ drop despite salary rises, says CV-Library report

Retail jobs in the UK have dropped by a ‘staggering’ 21.3 per cent year-on-year and a further 6.9 per cent month-on-month, despite salaries for those jobs being on the rise, according to leading UK independent job board, CV-Library.

In its latest job market report, CV-Library added that employers in the retail industry are hesitant about their hiring efforts, as job numbers fell by 9.1 per cent in February 2020.

This is particularly concerning, the report said, as most industries experienced an improvement in candidate appetite in February, with job applications increasing by 8.2 per cent across the UK as a whole.

However, though jobs and applications are dropping, salaries for new retail roles actually increased by 5.8 per cent year-on-year and a further 1.4 per cent month-on-month.

Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library (pictured), said: “Even though Brexit is now behind us, it appears that employers across the retail industry are still struggling and this is having a negative impact on their candidate attraction offers. Unfortunately, with the influx of coronavirus across the nation, businesses may be hit even harder over the coming months, particularly if existing employees need to take time off work. For now, organisations must continue to push forward as normal and invest in the most cost-effective recruitment methods.”

Mr Biggins added: “The increase in pay is promising and may well be a tactic from retailers to drive more applicants. However, if you aren’t able to offer competitive wages, you’ll need to consider what else you provide that sets you apart from the competition. This could be flexible working, or a larger holiday allowance. If you don’t make your jobs attractive and cater to their needs, candidates will find another employer who will!”

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