PMC’s Kind of Sketches of Munich

High End Munich is the ultimate international hi-fi event. It is the place to do business and one of the best places to experience the very best in hi-fi.

Only in the PMC room was it possible to experience the only recording in existence of the seminal 1959 jazz album, Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” and Miles’ 1960 “Sketches of Spain” remixed into Dolby Atmos by PMC.

And only in the PMC room was it possible to mix with and talk to the team behind this musically historic event – Miles Davis’ son Erin Davis, nephew and drummer Vince Wilburn and Grammy winning engineers Steve Genewick and David Rideau (pictured above).

PMC USA’s Maurice Patist had been given very special permission by the Miles Davis Foundation to remix “Kind of Blue” and “Sketches of Spain”. Working with engineer David Rideau and Senior Engineer Steve Genewick, from the world famous Capitol Studios, they painstakingly and very carefully undertook the process of converting the original recordings into beautifully subtle Atmos mixes, that brought these legendary works to life in a way that hasn’t been experienced before.

So good were the results that the Miles Davis family and Sony Legacy granted permission for PMC to share the results with the audience at High End as a one-off event. For those who came and filled the room for the entirety of the four-day show, it was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the biggest selling jazz album of all time sounding like it never has before – and may never again as there are no firm plans to release the recordings.

Erin and Vince were consulted at all points during the mixing process, to ensure the sanctity of Miles Davis’ artistic creations were preserved and even enhanced, and on hearing the results they both gave Steve, David and Maurice’s work glowing recommendations.

Over 3,600 visitors to the PMC room would agree with their sentiments. And those lucky enough to attend will also have heard selected Atmos tracks from Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom, with her “Above and Beyond” album, which was mixed for this event by long-time PMC users and multi Grammy winning engineers, Jim and Ulrike Anderson.

Only PMC, with its links to the world’s leading artists, engineers and studios, is in a position to close the loop between artist, studio and the home. And it did so with something very special in Munich.

And presenting these incredible works were PMC’s flagship audiophile loudspeakers, the fact fenestria, which were complemented by an array of Wafer on-wall speakers for the surround and height channels and a selection of professional subwoofers, closely mimicking the system used at Capitol Studios during the production process.

PMC also took the opportunity to unveil two new models, the fact signature series: re-engineered versions of the renowned fact.8 and fact.12 loudspeakers, with innovations and technology developed for the recently launched fact fenestria flagship, for even greater musical transparency.