PMC partners with Dolby And Universal Music

PMC will be partnering with Dolby and Universal Music to present a Dolby Atmos demonstration at the world’s leading professional music show, NAMM 2019, later this month.

Artists, producers and recording engineers will have an opportunity to experience Dolby Atmos music through PMC’s world-class monitoring system.

In conjunction with Dolby, PMC will play music from albums that have been mixed and re-mixed at Universal Music’s PMC equipped Capitol Studios, in the new Dolby Atmos for Music format. PMC’s award-winning large, active three-way MB3-XBD-A monitors will form the left, right and centre channels of the 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system, with the rest of the system comprising four PMC twotwo sub2 subwoofers and a total of 16 Wafer 1 compact slimline monitors for the surround, rear and height channels.

“We are really thrilled to be partnering again with Dolby and Universal Music on this project, which is designed to showcase the benefits of mixing in Dolby Atmos to the music recording fraternity,” said Maurice Patist, President of PMC USA. “The music we will be demoing has been mixed or re-mixed in Capitol Studios, which features a complete PMC monitoring system incorporating IB2S-XBD-A, IB2S-A-C, twotwosub2 and Wafer 1 monitors. We have also built a Dolby Atmos room for Universal Music in Nashville and we’ll be collaborating on a second room at Capitol Studios later this year.”

“We have loudspeakers that are suited to every application – from recording and mixing to mastering, post production, broadcast and home listening,” Maurice Patist added. “All PMC pro reference monitors are renowned for their high resolution, detail and accuracy and we are very proud to feature in the studios and post production facilities of so many top artists, producers, film composers and mix engineers.”

For music and movie fans, the use of PMC products in the major studios for the production of Dolby Atmos recordings, is another reason why specifying PMC domestic speakers, which are voiced identically to the professional products, gives the best possible opportunity to hear the music sounding exactly like the producers and engineers intended.