Philips TV partners with Bowers & Wilkins on two new OLED+ TVs

At this year’s IFA, Philips TV and Bowers & Wilkins have joined forces with two new OLED+ TV models – the Philips OLED+934 and OLED+984 (already winner of the EISA Best Home Theatre TV 2019 award).

It was only at IFA 2018 that we saw the introduction of the Philips OLED+903, the first TV to benefit from the partnership of these two brands.

The OLED+934 and OLED+984 both feature the latest OLED panels and 3rd generation P5 processing suite, which extend PQ performance even further, bringing improved noise reduction, better sharpness, more accurate colours and skin tones and better contrast to all sources.

Both the OLED+934 and OLED+984 now mount multiple-driver speaker systems into physically separate, acoustically optimised, rigid external enclosures that feature many of the design principles and proprietary technologies common to all Bowers & Wilkins audio products.

Dolby Atmos decoding is included on both sets with the OLED+934 being Philips’ first TV to feature upward-firing Dolby Atmos elevation units mounted on the top of the speaker enclosure.


Firstly, the OLED+984 (also pictured above) features the highest PQ performance and the most advanced sound system ever offered on a TV, the companies claim.

The OLED+984’s audiophile quality sound system is mounted in a dedicated cabinet below the TV. This arrangement allows for both larger drive units and for the system to be driven harder, with the aim to create a larger, more spacious soundstage that tracks dialogue accurately to the centre of the screen while providing a low-distortion, room-filling sound.

The set features many signature Bowers & Wilkins acoustic technologies derived from the company’s loudspeakers, including a central Tweeter-on-Top enclosure.

There is also a subwoofer out for even more bass extension. In addition, OLED+984 features the latest generation Dolby Atmos decoding and processing for spacious audio that combines with the four-sided Ambilight to create the most immersive viewing experience.


The OLED+934 features a separate speaker enclosure that combines with a minimalist metal angled arm to act as the set’s table top stand. As with the OLED+984 there is also a wall-mount option.

The Kvadrat cloth covered, rigid speaker enclosure is constructed from thick-wall-section glass-fibre-reinforced ABS, critically braced with internal rib sections to control any unwanted resonance. The design offers twice the volume of the sound system on the OLED+903, which allows for larger, harder driven drive units.

As well as this, the OLED+934 – as Philips’s first 2.1.2-specification Dolby Atmos-enabled TV – also has twin 50mm upward-firing Dolby Atmos elevation units mounted on the top of the enclosure to give extra scale, height perception and immersion to the audio reproduction of films, games and sports broadcasts.

The OLED+934 will automatically recognise and decode Dolby Atmos content to deliver the very best results. Alternatively, by engaging Movie mode, the TV will use ‘up-mixing’ with non-Dolby Atmos content to bring outstanding immersion to older types of content from its elevation drive units.

The OLED+984 comes as a 65-inch model, while the OLED+934 comes in 55 and 65-inch model options. Both new TVs are available now.