Paul Whiting retires from Sennheiser

Audio brand Sennheiser has announced the retirement of its president of strategic collaborations, Paul Whiting.

He worked at Sennheiser for more than 25 years, joining the company in 1990, after working for its UK distributor Hayden Laboratories for 15 years.

Mr Whiting (pictured) was responsible for setting up Sennheiser UK as a wholly-owned subsidiary in 1990, when he became managing director of the business.

After being promoted to vice-president, north-west Europe, in 2007 he became president of global sales.

Last year, Mr Whiting took on the role of Sennheiser’s president of strategic collaborations and focused on developing the company’s global reputation by working on cooperations with artists and engineers, other businesses and industry partners and organisations.

Said chief executive Daniel Sennheiser: “Paul has contributed significantly to the success of Sennheiser, being an integral part of numerous successful company projects.

“His dedication to customer service, great ability to network, continuous loyalty to the brand and technical hands-on solutions brought him an outstanding reputation within Sennheiser and throughout the audio industry.”

“I am very grateful to him for his passion and many achievements throughout his years with Sennheiser. We all wish him and his family the very best for the future.”

Speaking to ERT recently, Mr Whiting said: “I’m a big fan of music and entertainment and I’m passionate about audio. That’s been my drive during the 40 years I’ve been in the industry.”