Over 70% of shoppers to participate in Amazon Prime Day 2019

Consumers in the UK (as well as the USA, France and Germany) plan to spend in more on this year’s Amazon Prime Day, embracing things like voice-assistant technologies to further streamline their purchasing experience (the research found that over 40 per cent of all consumers surveyed now ask the Alexa voice-assistant to order products from Amazon).

This is according to a new Amazon Prime Day 2019 pre-event consumer report from Periscope By McKinsey.

It found that ahead of the day itself, on 15 July, attitudes amongst 2,587 consumers were overwhelmingly positive, with 66 per cent of respondents being either excited or eager to get engaged and over 70 per cent expecting to participate this year.

Last year’s global sales event was celebrated in 17 countries and, according to Amazon, was its ‘biggest in history’, with more than 100 million products purchased.

Other headline figures revealed in the report, entitled ‘The Amazon Prime Day Effect: Consumer Anticipation and Excitement Grows in 2019’, include:

  • Interest in hunting down Prime Day offers on Amazon’s own branded devices, products and services is high – with Amazon Video and Music and Amazon Echo/Alexa topping one-third or more of consumers’ wish lists.
  • Most consumers intend to pre-plan and research the products categories they will shop –just 21 per cent expect to shop spontaneously on the day.
  • While 30 per cent of shoppers anticipate spending a bit more than they did last year, an enthusiastic 15 per cent have plans to spend much more.

Consumer electronics tops the category list

Ahead of Prime Day 2019, it was found that CE tops the bill for consumers in terms of the most enticing products.

Deal days

Looking beyond Prime Day, consumer awareness of, and participation in, special shopping events appears widespread. Black Friday/Cyber Monday appears by far the most popular and well-established event, with over 70 per cent of consumers in all markets surveyed saying they regularly participate and shop for deals.

The research showed that 61 per cent of UK shoppers are eager to try out different deal events, indicating that these markets in particular represent a golden opportunity to generate additional online revenue. And with consumer enthusiasm clearly riding high for online shopping holidays, there are significant opportunities for other retailers to get in on the act.

“Excitement for Prime Day keeps growing and is fuelling a hunger for other online sales events,” said Brian Elliott, Partner and Head of Innovation at Periscope By McKinsey. “But for Amazon itself, it is a highly effective promotion engine that not only fuels more sign-ups to Prime membership, but it also incentivises customers to purchase and subscribe to additional Amazon own-brand products and services.

“The extremely positive result for other brands and retailers is that consumers have clearly indicated that they have the appetite for more of these kind of shopping events. For others, the opportunities are ripe to deliver a seamless experience over online, mobile and now voice.”