New show to get vinyl lovers in a spin

Vinyl lovers can indulge their passion at a new show that claims to be the UK’s only dedicated analogue music event.

Organised by The Clarity Alliance – the UK hi-fi industry’s trade body – and events company The Chester Group, Styl:us 2016 will take place at the Park Inn, Heathrow on April 23-24.

There will be new and used vinyl for sale, turntables, hi-fi systems, artwork displays, seminars on how to set up a turntable and demonstrations from well-known DJs, plus live music.

Said Laurence Armstrong, chairman of Clarity: “We’ve seen a sea change in the way people are engaging with music in the past few years. After the rise of the digital download and latterly the streaming revolution, there has been a noticeable counter reaction against the latest technology, with a reversion to a more considered interaction and relationship with music.

“With the launch of Styl:us 2016 we are bringing together all the parts of the vinyl jigsaw in one location, to give lovers of music on vinyl, whether they are into hip-hop, jazz, classical, rock, dance or soul, the chance to really express their devotion to this musical format.”

Tickets for the show will be available from and local record stores and hi-fi shops.

Manufacturers, retailers and distributors of vinyl and audio playback equipment are invited to participate in the show by contacting The Chester Group – Justin Bird (01244 559034 – )

For more on the vinyl revival, see our February issue of ERT magazine, which will include a special section that’s dedicated to audio.