New online resources for Sirius Members

Sirius Buying Group has launched its new Product Information Management (PIM) System and brand new website – – specially designed to improve the online customer experience with a focus on driving more traffic to group members’ websites.

Steve Jones, Managing Director at Sirius, said these new resources are important developments for the Group and for Members in today’s digital world.

“The PIM System feeds our Sirius website with over 5,500 products, complete with technical specifications and visual assets from our market-leading Approved Suppliers, which is also available to all 185+ Sirius members to utilise across their own websites.”

Mr Jones added: “Our Members are now able to have the most current product content on their websites, without the difficulty and time constraints of keeping it up-to-date themselves.

“We are proud to lead by example, as we encourage our members and the KBB industry to use the latest digital resources to their advantage. At a time when supply chain issues are proving challenging to the economy, while raising awareness to the end user on finding their nearest reputable, local independent.”

Talking about the new Sirius website, which is designed with clarity and ease-of-use in mind, General Manager and Project Lead for the new Sirius website, Mark Veysey, said he wanted to optimise the flexibility of search on the website and make it mobile-friendly.

“There’s a dedicated function to search for product type, name and number and an intuitive filter section to find exactly what you require,” Mr Veysey continued.

“We know that every business is unique and constantly-evolving, and nowadays consumers are extremely discerning when it comes to choosing suppliers of integrity. Trust, mutual respect and likability need to be conveyed through a positive and highly visible online presence, as we must recognise that retail now takes many forms – from traditional bricks and mortar stores to Internet-based.

“With this in mind, by treating the web as a natural extension of your retail space and your digital offering will remain sustainable and actively drive new foot traffic to your business – be it online or in person.”