New Euronics TV ad with Nick Knowles airs on Christmas Day

Nick Knowles, the star of BBC’s DIY SOS, will lead a new media campaign for Euronics launching to a national TV audience of millions on Christmas Day.

A 30 second TV ad will air on ITV, Channel 4, Sky and UKTV channels and run until 20 January 2021. This is part of the buying group’s latest above-the-line promotional campaign called ‘Generations’.

The ad will be supported by additional advertising and promotional content, appearing on TV and radio as well as in national newspapers, online and social media.

“Nick Knowles and Euronics stores are a perfect fit,” said Stuart Cook, CEO of CIH, the electrical buying group, part of Euronics. “Our stores are all about supporting the local community and family values. Nick clearly shares those same values and that love of heritage.

“He is a powerful advocate who can connect with people about the benefits of buying from your local Euronics store. It’s a great message that we’ll be taking to millions of people across the country in the next month, starting on Christmas Day.”

In the main TV ad, we see Mr Knowles in a kitchen setting at home, telling the story of how Euronics stores have provided local service for generations. The narrative plays out against a backdrop that shows him, having placed an order online for a new fridge-freezer from his local store, accepting delivery to the words, “delivered locally, just as it should be”.

In addition to this, there is also a series of shorter product specific ads that will be shown during the festive period, alongside ‘documentary style’ pieces with store owners and audio ads for social media and radio exposure. The content was devised by award-winning advertising agency, Wordley Creative.

Mr Cook added: “This campaign will help build awareness and trust for Euronics retailers. It will reinforce to consumers what our stores are all about – buying locally from an independent store that supports the local community. We’re confident that it will drive online traffic, and, ultimately, boost sales for our members over a very long period of time.”